On September 14th Rotarians attended a flag raising ceremony at Niagara Falls City Hall. A Rotary flag, donated by the Jaluvka family, was raised in honour of the 100th Anniversary. That evening at the City Council meeting, Rotarian Jan gave a presentation on the history of Rotary and all the amazing things the Club has done over the last several years, including the Club’s local and international contributions
September 18th was the unveiling of the Rotary Clock that everyone has been waiting for! The event took place on the Niagara Parkway, where the beautiful 4-faced Rotary clock is located. The clock also represents the history and partnership between Rotary and the Niagara Parks Commission. The Club was honoured to have so many community speakers say wonderful things about Rotary and share their past experiences with the Club. A special thank you goes to Rotarians John Beyer, Barbara Greenwood and Ernie Morgan for making the Rotary clock come to life! They have worked so hard with respect to the design and installation of the clock, as well as planning the dedication ceremony. This amazing Rotary clock and 100th Anniversary celebration would not have happened without these special members!
To coincide with the Rotary Clock unveiling, the Niagara Falls was illuminated Blue and Gold that evening to celebrate 100 years of the Club.
The Club would like to thank everyone who assisted in making all of these events possible, and it was so great to see Rotarians and community members in attendance!