Niagara Falls Rotary Foundation

The Niagara Falls Rotary Foundation, not to be confused with Rotary International Foundation, is made up of members of the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada through their contribution made by paying their dues.
Any one can contribute to our Foundation. Please contact us through this website.
Our Foundation was created in mid 1990's out of a vision of Rotarian Frank Branscombe.  It's original purpose was to be distinctly separate from the operations of the Club, and hold funds over the long term.  This would create the ability for members and friends of Rotary to leave bequests and make endowment contributions to the Foundation with a view to preserving the capital, and generating income over time.  This long term vision remains, and our objective continues to one of accumulating enough capital, and at an appropriate time, make a significant contribution to a "signature" beneficiary, perhaps with some permanency, both in terms of promoting Rotary's name for the benefit of the community and the impact on beneficiaries for the years to come.
One of these goals was accomplished with the establishment of Rotary House with Pathstone Mental Health. Pathstone works with teens in the Niagara Region and through our contribution they were able to establish a facility in Niagara Falls with the Rotary name prominently displayed.
Members are encouraged to support our foundation, through the continuing tradition of making a donation on their birthday; considering the Foundation in estate planning; at times of "in memoriam" giving, and frankly, thinking of the foundation at any time you are feeling charitable.
The Foundation Board meets two or three times a year to review operations and receive requests for funding from organizations.  Distributions are made normally at the end of June.
Current Board Executive and Directors 2017
Chairman                   Eugene Oatley
Secretary                   Ernie Morgan
Treasurer                   Bruce Henning
Directors                    John Beyer
                                    Jim Arnold
                                   Monika Seymour