The Shaver Hospital was founded by Dr. Cecil Shaver, who was a pioneer in the treatment of chest diseases, especially TB.
Now, the Shaver Centre centre handles about 40,000 different services and specialized equipment areas.  Kristine and Norma (Rotarian from St. Catharines) gave us the deluxe tour of this impressive facility which, for an older building, was lots of space for practical aids. 
The audiology clinic is located closest to the outpatient entrance and lobby, with many other specialized areas on the main floor, including a therapy pool, just a short distance away. For access to the outpatient services at Shaver, patients need to be in stable condition. As part of a pilot program (until mid-2020), a Shaver staff member will be present at all major hospitals in the Niagara Region, for awareness and to help facilitate use of these excellent rehab facilities by patients.
Many thanks to Kristine and Norma for their expert tour and to Pres. Barb for arranging the tour for us.